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You must be:
  • NMSU Organization, or
  • NMSU Department
Ad Resolution:
1920 x 1080 Pixels

14 Days Maximum

Ads begin displaying 12:00 AM on their start date, and stop displaying 11:59 PM on their end date.

File Types:
.jpg, .png, .mp4


Ads that do not meet our submission requirements will not be displayed.  However, if you need assistance designing your ad to meet our requirements, we're happy to help!  If so, please indicate that you require assistance when filling out the request form.

Ads will be displayed for a maximum of 14 days. If you'd like to advertise an event for longer, you must create a separate submission with new artwork.

Note: We ask that submissions be placed at least 2 weeks before your desired start date.


General Guidelines for Content

  • All content posted must be affiliated with an on campus activity or departmental sponsored event.
  • Must be relevant to NMSU students, faculty, or staff.
  • If it is an off campus activity, it must be specifically for NMSU students, faculty or staff.
  • Off campus vendor products and promotions are not advertised.
  • NMSU Bookstore is the official textbook supplier and is the only one we can advertise.
  • Coke is the only drink supplier that we can advertise for in Corbett Center. Please support all food areas on campus equally. Off campus food areas that, for example, offer discounts for students or a special offer to NMSU need to not be advertised.
    • The only exception is if, for example, Pepsi is sponsoring an event on campus. In this case the ad will need to be removed right after the event.
  • If the announcement is perceived to be controversial in nature or promotes one religion/political idealogy over others, or an activity that would result in personal gain, it will not be advertised.
  • All content must adhere to NMSU policy. See Regent's Policy Manual and Administrative Rules and Procedures.